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We believe that collective intelligence and teamwork are powerful levers for meeting our challenges. Indeed, mutual respect and trust remain the foundations of our company.


Our goal? To offer the best products to our customers to meet their expectations. Therefore, we are committed to designing and manufacturing quality and sustainable products.


In a fast-changing world, we are determined to outdo ourselves by constantly looking for the right solution that will intelligently combine personalization, design, and practicality.


At Beranger, every action counts. We are continually investing in and proposing eco-responsible projects. Between eco-design, recycling, or short-cycle production, we take care of tomorrow's world.

CSR Commitments

At Beranger, we believe that we can offer the best possible to hoteliers and restaurateurs while considering social, environmental, and economic perspectives. Thus, we have developed a CSR program that includes some fifty actions. We carry out a rigorous follow-up to ensure that they are properly implemented.

Social level

For Beranger Group, managing social issues requires a global investment in a work environment that promotes the personal development and fulfillment of its employees.

Environmental level

CSR actions on the environmental level have an objective that can be summarized in the triptych: avoid, reduce, and compensate the impacts of our activity. To this end, we have decided to create a Green Program to help our customers consume better.

Economic level

In its balance with the social and environmental dimensions, the economic one favors the creation of wealth, improving the living conditions of all, in the long term.